F-11D -1-

The F-11D blaster rifle was the standard-issue blaster for the First Order Stormtrooper Corps. It was a ranged weapon manufactured by the Sonn-Blas Corporation, and was the successor of the well-known E-11 that was used by the Galactic Empire decades before.

Design Edit

Features of the F-11D included an adjustable J19 electroscope with eight-power magnification and low-light capability, a removable butt stock assembly, magnatomic adhesion grip with integrated power feed intigator and a foregrip [1]. The basic structure of the weapon did not change much from the E-11, but some minor modifications were made, such as switching the power pack from the right to left side to allow the weapon to be holstered on the trooper's right leg.

Appearances Edit

  • Phasma
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