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Cardinal, also known as CD-0922, originally named Archex, was a male human First Order Stormtrooper. He held the rank of captain in the First Order Military. He was a highly skilled soldier, even to the extent that Supreme Leader Snoke spoke of his talent. In the decades after the Battle of Jakku, Cardinal was assigned to the Resurgent-class Star Destroyer, the Absolution.

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

Cardinal was born on the desert planet of Jakku, where he spent his early life. His mother died at some point in his childhood, leaving him to fend for himself among the other outcasts on the planet. Near the end of the Battle of Jakku, Archex was recruited to the First Order by Imperial General Brendol Hux. He then went on to be trained in the stormtrooper cadet program, earning the number CD-0922.

Promotion Edit

CD-0922 was promoted for his loyalty to the First Order and his prowess in training. He was one of Hux's first trainees, and was considered his greatest project. He received his promotion onboard the Finalizer, in front of thousands of other troopers. Brendol Hux then gave him a custom red stormtrooper uniform, and a place in his personal guard. In addition to being part of Hux's guard, Cardinal was assigned to lead training for troopers, which he was adept at. His skills even reached the notice of Supreme Leader Snoke.

Later life Edit

About a year after Cardinal received his promotion and position as training leader, Bredol Hux crashed on the planet Parnassos. Cardinal was not present, but a small group of troopers was. This fateful even brought Phasma into the fold of the First Order. Upon her arrival, Cardinal was ordered to groom Phasma to assist in the training of young stormtroopers. Cardinal lost his position as part of Hux's personal guard, instead focusing all of his time training his half of the stormtroopers. Phasma had taken over the finishing training of the soldiers, which caused a rivalry between the two. Further, Phasma received a set of unique, chrome armor, driving the rift between the two even deeper. Cardinal's dislike for Phasma increased when Hux, his father figure, mysteriously died of unknown causes. Armitage Hux succeeded his father as commander of training.

Capture of Vi Moradi Edit

Cardinal captured Resistance spy Vi Moradi sometime while he was stationed on the Absolution.

Conjecture Edit

Equipment Edit

Cardinal was likely equipped with an F-11D blaster and a SE-44C blaster pistol.

Appearances Edit

  • Phasma (novel)

Notes and references Edit

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