"I know I'm not supposed to initiate contact with officers, but look at you! Never took you for captain material. Batch Eight, heigh-ho!"
―926, to Finn

926 was a First Order Stormtrooper who served aboard former Supreme Leader Snoke's flagship, the Supremacy. He met former trooper FN-2187 on an elevator, and even recognized him. However, 926 had not heard of 2187's desertion, and instead struck a conversation with him.

Biography Edit

Training Edit

926 was a member of training Batch Eight along with FN-2187. Therefore, it is likely that he knew 2187 from a training exercise, but was not told of the other's desertion.

Deployment Edit

926 later went separate ways with 2187, being deployed onboard the Supremacy. 926's fate is unknown after his meeting with FN-2187.

Personality and traits Edit

926 was a human male trooper who had marksmanship skills comparable to FN-2187. He, unlike his trainers, did not consider 2187 officer material, but was proud of a Batch Eight soldier promoting to the officer ranks. Before separating on the Supremacy, 926 gave FN-2187 a friendly swat on the buttocks.

Equipment Edit

926 was equipped with an F-11D blaster, an SE-44C blaster pistol, and a full set of stormtrooper armor.

Conjecture Edit

Unit Edit

926 was likely a member of the FN Corps, but it is not clear at this time.

Behind the scenes Edit

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926 first appeared in Jason Fry's Star Wars: The Last Jedi: Expanded Edition, the novelization of the sequel trilogy's 2017 film Star Wars: Episode VIII The Last Jedi. Tom Hardy portrayed 926 in the scene in which he encountered Finn on the Supremacy, although that scene was ultimately cut from The Last Jedi.

Appearances Edit

  • Star Wars: Episode VIII The Last Jedi (Appears in deleted scene(s))
  • Star Wars: The Last Jedi: Expanded Edition (First appearance)
  • Star Wars: The Last Jedi: A Junior Novel

Notes and references Edit

  1. In the 2016 reference book Star Wars Character Encyclopedia: Updated and Expanded, it is stated that the stormtroopers of the First Order were all humans.
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